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So I decided on how I want my site to look. To reference what I am talking about go to weebly.com . They have a really cool platform, and i think I am going to use it. I did look into wix, wordpress,and a few others, but I liked the aesthetics of Weebly’s design. So naturally I am thinking of that.There is another carpet cleaner in Boise, and I think know that they are defiantly using the weebly platform www.boisescarpetcleaners.com. I really like the layout so that is what I will be using for those of you that are going to be following me on this project.

Here are a few common knowledge tips I learned from a carpet pro while doing my research.

  1. Never cheap out on your equipment. If you’re offering a quality service what would you by subpar equipment?
  2. Be brutally honest. Do not lead your customers into thinking something when in fact you were thinking something else. If you’re honest with them you’ll be able to help them and yourself come to a better understanding.
  3.  Always be on time. I don’t care what industry you’re in if you’re not timely it reflects poorly on your customer service skills.
  4. Be respectful. remember that you are in someone’s house when you are cleaning their carpet . Unless you start cleaning commercial spaces you will be in people’s houses so it is best that you treat their house as a sanctuary. Remember you’re in their house they invited you in treat them and their house with the upmost respect. This one will take you far.
  5. Always Hustle. It doesn’t matter if you have one house to clean or 20 you should always be going at Max Speed with Max efficiency. There really isn’t any other way to run a business if you think there is then you’re in business to fail. Time is money and money is time. In other words the more you get done the more you get done.

I’ll put a link right here in this article that links to another article that I wrote about carpet cleaning Boise.
Kind of wondering who is the authority of carpet cleaning. Who’s the end-all-be-all. Who do I go to as a new business to find how to do things properly. I mean there are so many different carpet cleaning companies out there, and if you want to get into the equipment there’s even a million more. What I will be doing in the next few months is getting a bunch of information from carpet cleaning forums and such until I can decide what is the best equipment I can buy. I know for a fact that I will need a great truck mount carpet steaming system if I want to be competitive in the market. These truck mount carpet Steamers can be very expensive we’re talking 20 or $30,000. Such as the cost of business,and I do want to be competitive in my space.

I did recently find 1 forum that is going to be a good start www.truckmountforums.com. If you are interested go ahead and take a look at it. You have to be able to take the good with the bad, and remember that when people are on a forum sometimes I just negative. Also one thing I’ll be watching out for his people just trying to sell me something. I did not realize this earlier but carpet cleaning is a huge business, and people will take advantage of small timers if they can.


So guys I wanted to just give me a little heads up on what’s going on over here. I have been contemplating whether or not I should be getting into my own business. I have been looking in the local space, and I have decided that some of these niches can be really competitive. How competitive you ask? Well Let me tell you all about it. I have been doing a ton of research.  What I have found can be a little bit daunting for the average business entrepreneur. Even though I have found this to be so I will not let it stop me from succeeding. I know that if some businesses can make money doing this sort of thing, and with hard work I will also be able to do this sort of thing.


In particular I’ve been looking into carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning in Boise Idaho if we want to be specific. I know what led me into this venture for me it was the fact that the population of was right and I really liked the climate it somewhere I think I can live and enjoy. Why I chose carpet cleaning now that’s a whole new story. I don’t really have any skills per se outside of school work. If you look into small business models this is one that I really feel like I can dominate. I plan to go work for a carpet cleaning in Boise and then eventually Branch out and start my own business. I know that it is something that can be taught quickly and efficiently. If I can duplicate myself the way that this company that I choose to start working with can duplicate me and have me go and do their job with ease, then I think this is something that I want to get into.


Being able to duplicate yourself in any business model is it super important aspect of any business. if you’re not able to duplicate yourself then you’re not able to grow expand and make more money, and isn’t it the whole idea of the thing to be able to make money off of other people’s backs a little thing we call Leverage? Yes I believe it is.
Now I know exactly what I have done. They work for me and start their own business. I really don’t fear this aspect of the business though because of some of the things that my buddy John has told me. John let me in on a little secret, and that is everyone is lazy. My go and my passion is going to be one thing, and that is to be motivated and less lazy than my competitors. That’s really the extent of my plans I’m just going to go out there and completely dominate my space. So  as this journey goes on I will let you know how it’s going, also kind of fill you in on some of the details I’ll let you know what kind of obstacles I run into, and all the little ins and outs that I find along the way.

So I just wanted to share something from my best buddy John. He called me a few day’s ago.Here’s how our conversation went. Braylon; says John how have you been my Indian friend? Good,good John. How are thing’s in the land of plenty? We’ll john couldn’t be more exited right now and let me tell you why. You’ve herd of being competitive right. Yes John of course I have i’m not a complete idiot ya know. HA maybe your not buddy. Alright so I’ve always been in the business of competing right. Thought that’s what us business entrepreneurs did. Well most do if one guy who owns a hot dog stand and sells 100 hot dogs with his sign girl and a few flyers. Guess what the next hot dog guy gets a girl and a few flyers so he can try to beat the first hot dog guy. Look man I been noticing this is completely the wrong thinking it’s not about competing; it’s about totally stomping the living dog crap outta the competition.
Uh John… what are you talking about buddy. Come on Braylon keep up; says john with a little snicker in his voice. Get to the point john; I yell! OK so hot dog guy number one goes and gets a sign girl and some flyers,….yes john we got that….no no no, listen to me, OK hot dog guy number two goes out and gets 5 beautiful sign girls and tons of flyers handed out by more beautiful girls. Call’s everyone he knows, tells them he’s running a special. reaches out on face book gets a radio. Guess what, the guy sells a 1000 hot dogs his ketchup squeezing hand hurts so bad he has to get 3 more stands just to keep up with the business. The guy wins the stomps the comp. He creates massive action and grows his business so fast he forces hot dog guy one out and now has even more business. He runs more advertisement and take over a restaurant he is unstoppable now, he can go as far as he want’s.
This conversation with my buddy John went as usual.. now I really did feel like an Idiot for not ever thinking of this. Not sure if he got it all on his own but the point was clear. don’t be in the game to compete be in it to win it. Who knows how far the hot dog guy goes my guess as far as he wants too.

To all my loyal readers. I really appreciate your continued support. It’s truly been a great year learning about small businesses and turning a new page in my life. I’ll never look at life the same after my travels to america from India. So much seen and learnt from John. So whats the plan? I guess it doesn’t matter where your from we all have new year resolutions. So here goes:

  1. Make Mistakes
  2. Take chances(due diligence first of course)
  3. When I fail try again
  4. Fail fail fail
  5. Win win win


I guess what i’m getting at is this year i’m not going to be afraid to try. Read the ten x rule and you will understand what I mean. Let’s go out there together. action creates more action. you’ll never know if you don’t try. Try, try ,and try again. If at first you don’t succeed then maybe your like Einstein, or Henry Ford don’t think they got it on the first try. Have a blessed and wonderful new year. As they say in America: See ya on the flip side!
Braylon Out.

Shine Polish Like A Boat On Glass     My buddy John who I had met in India was way smarter than me!! John showed me a few… a lot of things I wasn’t accustomed to being from India. First of all the food; wow american’s eat great! I believe I would be really fat if I could eat all the foods from america. Those folks have it good as far as ready easy food. “Unhealthy”…. yes, but good. I could not believe all of the small businesses. I’m here to tell you it was an amazing experience. I really couldn’t understand how people lived like ants constantly working always moving and cramming food down there throats. I asked John is everyone in this crazy rat race in america. John smiled; no Bryalon I was hoping you would ask I wanna show you something.
First stop Johns place of business. Turns out after studying in India and finishing business school john started a Auto Detail shop. BismarckDetailing.com.
It was really cool to see firsthand the inside of an american’s business, and I knew this wasn’t just any place but it was my buddy’s and someone I respected. So cool. His shop and employees ran like a dream. Never had I seen such a well ran business. The thing practically ran itself and everyone was so efficient at what they did. I asked John when we left you really learned this all at school. He chuckled; no man actually I had to unlearn all that stuff at school to get where I am today. I was baffled! What do you mean. Well, said John school teaches us how to be an employee and really sets us up to work for others (like the “rat race” I witnessed). Don’t you see it Braylon. I really couldn’t understand what he was talking about so he said look here’s an example: The 10x rule. Go buy that book and read it it will open your eyes. So I did and wow did my eye’s open. It’s all about numbers and selling. Getting ahead not about how much you know, but what you understand. I’m going to post a link if your interested in learning about The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure. Yes I will get a small commission if you buy that book from amazon and if you did. Thanks! I think you will enjoy what you learn from the book and understand what it means to be in the rat race and to control the race you run.

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On my travels to North Dakota. Being from India and finally being convinced to leave the the comforts of what I knew and safe and familiar. First of all the amount of flying I had to do was amazing… I guess I hadn’t really flown more than an hour or two at once. It kinda makes a person feel small flying away from what you know. Looking back over the landscape as we left Jaipur I felt small I felt like my world was so small. Finally landing in Bismarck North Dakota. That is where my new found friend is from was a complete and utter shock! I mean not at all what they portrayed in Hollywood. What a suprise it was john standing there to greet me at the airport was like what do you think man. I had to come forward I was like uh well not at all what I expected. First off why did I go on the winter I gotta say; wow!! Temperatures were in the -20s when I landed, and the wind. Still get chills thinking about it. John being such an optimistic person was like your going to love it here. I got lots to show you. Between you an me (reader) my love for India was already growing.


So traveling might not be your thing. It’s not always been something that I wanted to do. Iv’e changed my opinion on it though. Let me tell you why. How? you ask; Thanks for asking. OK so I had this buddy. We meet in India at a trades school which by the way is super popular here because of all the exporting we do for country’s like Canada, and the U.S.A. His name is John and he was on a school trip for a business course he was taking. This guy was from the U.S.A doing some sorta internship. He’s kinda a tall guy with a bigger built like you would expect from an American I guess (HOLLYWOOD). He was so outgoing when the students where working on something he would jump right in!! He was fun. He was supposed to be there to just watch and try to understand our business culture, but I think he had other ideas maybe he learned better hands on. So I think i’m painting you a picture of this guy and bare with me here there’s more to this story.
John walks up to me one morning and asked me; have you ever been outta India man. Uh no sir I can’t say that I have or care to really. What?! John exclaimed exasperated. You wouldn’t want to see any other place besides this place. No offence man but WOW! A little taken back by his comment I really had to really lean into my next comment for fear oh loosing my manhood. I’ve got everything I could possible want here in India good food, good weather, and then he stepped right over my rant with ease and grabbed my shoulder (praying we wasn’t going to crush me). He spoke with a desperation I’ve never heard He said: Look man India’s great but how do you know that you have nothing zero substance to base that off of how the heck are you ever going to convince anyone to come to your country and see the beauty if you your self can’t see it. Hang on I said I see it. No John said you think you see it leave here come back and maybe you’ll really see it.
Now that tiny little conversation changed my life in a way I’ve never experienced since or after. Made me start to realize that I don’t know what I thought I did. John and I became fast friends from there on out. I think he thought I was just funny; he would always say your so backwards.I enjoyed his enthusiasm for life an wanted to experience more after spending time with him.
John is from America and lives in what they call the parries. A few years after he left he finally convinced me to see the world “his world” not like I was experiencing all of it just what he knew before India. Your going to laugh but my experience of America was North Dakota. I now understand why he thought India was beautiful.More about John and the U.S.A later. Contact the author here.

I was wondering how I could make a difference in the world. The truth is I prob can’t. But why should that stop me from writing about what I enjoy. Here in India we….I think are not looked at as a tourist destination. It’s absolutely amazing to me that one would not even think of coming to India for a vacation. I Think if more people came to India there might be a difference made in the world . Parts of this country has a poverty level that can not be spoken. I will talk about this more in the coming post I just wanted to get something out there for you before I went to bed .

Hey guys!! My name is Braylon thanks for checking out my new site  the India golden triangle tours. Be sure to check back in to see more content.